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North Coast

The Beginning:

Growing up, we loved spending our Summers going 'Up North" on unforgettable golf adventures. Northern Michigan's untouched beauty and seemingly endless array of great golf tracks to play, stole our hearts from a young age. So, we sought to embody our Up North roots and pay tribute to our slice of golf nirvana-- the North Coast.

From the beginning, we've remained true to our vision: design and craft the purest gloves and accessories in the game that are not only comfortable and stylish, but feel as pure as the Great Lakes in July. Simply put, we wanted to look and feel good on the course and we knew we weren't alone. We set out to change that and we're excited to welcome you on this journey with us.

Find Your North Coast

Whether you're a scratch golfer or just get out to play when you can, we want to make you look and feel your best on the course. Along this journey we wanted to pay ode to our little piece of golf heaven. But we know Northern Michigan isn't the only place to find peace on the course. You can find your zen any time you have a club in your hand, a North Coast glove on your palm, and a poetic golf course canvas in front of you. Get out & play.

North Coast Golf Co.

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OUR Vision

From the start our vision remained simple, yet precise: create high-quality golf gloves crafted with amazing style while also adhering to the fit, feel and overall comfort of the gloves.

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